What You Will Need To Take A Start OF Machine Embroidery Digitizing

You have already purchased an embroidery machine, practiced the design in the package, and you can even splurge on a design CD or download some designs from the Internet. Now you are considering investing in digitizing software and taking your embroidery to a new level. But machine embroidery digitizing programs are just a part of what you need before entering the digital world of embroidery.

Select hardware

The embroidery digitization program is an image editing software that converts digitizing images into stitches and saves them in a format of machine embroidery digitizing. And, like any powerful image editor, digitizing programs are resource intensive. The program’s packaging will state the manufacturer’s recommended minimum computer system specifications to operate the software. Let’s take a look at such a proposal and see how the ‘minimum’ is superimposed.


IBM-PC or compatible computer that was originally equipped with a USB port.

Operating system

Windows(R)98, ME, XP or 2000.


Any comfortable optical non-rolling ball mouse. When imaging, the required accuracy cannot be achieved with a roller ball. The optical mouse means that there is no ball at the bottom to catch or jerk at a critical moment.


Pentium 500 MHz or higher. The faster the processor, the better. We are imaging instead of typing.


Minimum 64 MB (256 MB or higher recommended). Memory is cheap, and as much as possible. You will never have too much.

Hard disk free space

You need 100 MB of free installation software, but you need more than just store your work. It is better to buy hard drives with at least 40 GB, 80 GB or more. A hard disk is like a garage: It collects garbage and you rarely clean it. Give yourself enough storage space.


SVGA (800×600), 16-bit color or higher. 17″ SVGA (1024×768), 32-bit color, you will enjoy additional screen space from a large display, you need to be able to easily distinguish your line color choices.

USB port

USB Ver. 1.1 or higher. Some programs will only run if a reader/writer is installed. This is a port. If your machine accepts input directly from your computer, you need another port to send the completed file to your machine.


Your system supports graphics printers (only when you are printing images). A graphics printer. You need to print images and related thread color data. As a side note: I don’t know why someone has a printer that doesn’t support their system.

Optical disk drive

With the lowest 24 speed (24x) drive speed. The higher speed drive is fine, it can transfer data faster, but it is also a bit noisy.

CD-ROM Writer Drive (RW)

When you are in a clean mood for a year or so, you need to burn your images to a CD to reduce clutter on the hard drive and rearrange it.

Deciding to purchase machine embroidery digitizing software is only the first step in truly creative embroidery through personal style. Make the most of it by ensuring it is happy in your new home.

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