The X-Files: Deep State Game Gives Us All the Clues

The #brands are out there, particularly, The X-Files brand. After a successful original run, two movies, one failed 2012 doomsday prediction, and one modern revival season, The X-Files is back again with season 11 currently airing on Fox (the channel, not the David Duchovny character).

To celebrate the return of the truth, soon we’ll get to experience the huge paranoid mind-bending alien government conspiracies of the show as a nifty little cheekily-titled mobile game called The X-Files: Deep State coming this February. And to get us in the mystery mood, the creators sent us over our own alien investigation to solve.

As’s own box expert Will Greenwald will tell you, subscription box services are all the rage these days. But sometimes folks want something a little more active than just receiving a crate full of dolls and T-shirts every month. That’s why we’ve seen the rise of a unique subgenre of subscriptions where recipients are given some kind of challenge of wits to overcome. You’re usually like a detective or something and have to use the clues given to you to solve the murder before next month’s box. It’s a cool idea, somewhere between physical single-player board game and virtual alternate reality game.

Given that the entire point of The X-Files is watching folks solve bizarre mysteries and connecting dark dots where seemingly none exist, the franchise is a perfect fit for this mystery box format. And the clues we got for The X-Files: Deep State definitely don’t hold back. The box, really an FBI folder, includes a lot of paperwork with redacted information and evidence and budget reports that might bore some. But if you really get into it, pay attention and play the role of agent, the sinister undertones begin to reveal themselves.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on agricultural infrastructure that doesn’t exist? What was the “flu” outbreak that killed Dr. Mori? Is it connected to the mutilated, decomposed body of victim Peter Miller seen in the photos? Who wrote the blood-spattered message that tipped us off in the first place? Some clues are likely more relevant than others, but They probably want you to believe the newspaper article on the Cosmic Possum is just a harmless gag.

We don’t think we’ve solved the mystery yet. The package has a surprisingly large amount of dense documents to sift through so this will take some time. But it was probably aliens or the cigarette guy.

Presumably, this will all tie-in with the actual X-Files: Deep State mobile game. We’re supposed to share our findings with #DeepState or #XFilesGame. Given these physical clues may not even be available to everyone, we’re assuming the game is actually the bulk of the experience. The original announcement promised new cases to solve every month with both myth-arcs and monsters of the week, so maybe our package is just a tease for the debut case.

The X-Files: Deep State launched for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Facebook February 6. Catch new episodes of The X-Files on TV. Enjoy all the content we can’t because we’re too far down the real rabbit hole of this fake conspiracy.


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