BBC and Google take you under the sea in VR

It’s easier to appreciate nature when you witness it first-hand, but that’s rather difficult with the ocean unless you have a submarine at your disposal. The BBC and Google have a more practical solution: they’ve launched a BBC Earth: Life in VR ap…Online Embroidery Digitising Embroidery Digitizing

New Horizons probe captures images at record distance from Earth

The kicker? That record is likely to be broken again within a matter of months. Voyager 1’s achievement lasted as long as it did because the mission crew shut off the camera shortly after capturing the Pale Blue Dot image. That won’t be happening with New Horizons. The spacecraft is slated to swing by another …

Alzheimer’s Treatment Works in Mice, But What About Humans?

Great news: Scientists are making progress in preventing Alzheimer’s among mice. Humans, however, are another story. A recent study by the National Institution of Aging (NIA) suggests a potential new target for treating the disease. When tested in rodents, the supplement nicotinamide riboside (NR)—a form of vitamin B3—prevented neurological damage and improved cognitive and physical …