Capcom to showcase Blanka today in Street Fighter V live stream

Charlie! It’s me, your friend, William!

Yesterday, Capcom revealed the date that Brazilian warrior Blanka will return to the ring, bringing his trademark electrifying fighting style to Street Fighter V. The green beast-man, one of Street Fighter’s oldest and most recognisable characters, will be available to rejoin the roster February 20.

Later today, Capcom Unity will host a live stream dedicated to Blanka, in which we can expect to see little Jimmy in action, showcasing his moves, specials and Critical Art, as well as his V-Skill and V-Triggers. Blanka has always been an incredibly popular character in the franchise, as well as being somewhat frustrating to fight, due to his deceptive range and fast start-ups.

It will be interesting to see what new techniques have been added to this new iteration of the character. If you want to see the misunderstood monster in action, then be sure to tune in to the Capcom Unity Twitch channel today, at 15:00 PT/18:00ET.

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