Big Console Update For Awesomenauts Assemble


Awesomenauts Assemble was first released on the PC six years ago. Since then it’s been ported to the PS3 and the 360, then to the PS4 and XBox One, while the PC version has been regularly updated with new content. Much of that content, though, has remained on the PC…until now.

All the gameplay content created since late 2016 for Awesomenauts on PC is about to be dumped on console gamers in one big, massive update. For starters, it’ll introduce six new characters:


  • Max Focus, a new flying ‘Naut
  • Deadlift, a power-lifting support character who can shield his team, and is available to all players as part of the base game.
  • Dizzy, the fleet-footed brawler who can stack dashes to become super-agile.
  • Smiles, the Crocodile with a flamethrower and a mean (tail) swing.
  • Commander Rocket, who is all about rockets. And the occasional laser.
  • Qi’Tara, the teleporting assassin that slices & dices her opponents.

The update also includes 18 new skins and announcers, including ” the shanty-singing Scourge Captain McPain skin and Soulhuntress Raelynn.” Plus minor improvements and tweaks to the game balance and code.

It’s all in Update 1.7, downloadable now on Playstation 4 and XBox One.


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